Polyurethane apron – Type A

Polyurethane apron – Type A

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Type A apron (sizes 110 = M, 120 = L, 130 = XL, 140 = XXL) made of polyurethane-coated polyester fabric, finished with a traditional neck strap with length adjustment at the front. Two ties make it possible to tie the apron in the front. The fabric has excellent protective properties, finding application in food and related industries. The apron protects against water, fats and weak acids. It is certified for contact with food by the Polish National Institute of Hygiene. Packaged in 2 pcs. or 10 pcs. in a carton. The apron can be reinforced with a 70 cm x 70 cm seam on the chest. Surcharge to the price of £1.60.

Below, for your convenience, we present a size and price table with all reusable aprons (Type A, Type B and Type C).

Type Width (cm) Height (cm) Size Package Price in £
A110 116 110 M 2 or 10 pcs 7.54
A120 116 120 L 2 or 10 pcs 7.73
A130 116 130 XL 2 or 10 pcs 7.92
A140 116 140 XXL 2 or 10 pcs 8.11
B110 126 110 M 2 or 10 pcs 8.49
B120 126 120 L 2 or 10 pcs 8.67
B130 126 130 XL 2 or 10 pcs 8.67
B140 126 140 XXL 2 or 10 pcs 9.05
C 80 85 M 2 or 10 pcs 4.71
Front reinforcement 70cm x 70cm surcharge: 1.60

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