Disposable apron – flat packed

Disposable apron – flat packed

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Product description:

Disposable aprons made of foil protect workers in places where contact with water, liquid or grease occurs. The aprons protect the user as well as the product. Large selection of sizes (11) and thicknesses allows to adjust the aprons to the needs of particular companies and types of activities. Adjustment of the size to the needs influences the comfort of use and work of employees of food industry, medical, cosmetic and other companies. Packed in sets of 25 pcs, each package with a hole for hanging.

Price per apron depends on the size and thickness.

Below, we present a table with a full price list, including all sizes and thicknesses.

Type Size Net prices in £ depending on thickness (μm=micron)
(the given prices are for one apron)
width (cm) height (cm) 25μm 40μm 50μm 60μm
M 74 132 0.066 0.081 0.094 0.111
L 74 150 0.070 0.085 0.105 0.124
F 87 135 0.071 0.088 0.107 0.126
D 87 150 0.075 0.095 0.116 0.137
V 95 145 0.077 0.098 0.118 0.145
H 110 150 0.086 0.116 0.149 0.145
B 110 165 0.090 0.132 0.166 0.196
P 100 127 0.075 0.107 0.145 0.164
MAX 150 150 0.109 0.152 0.196 0.239
YOUNG 50 85   0.075    

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