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About company

Fartus Polska - budynek
The FARTUS company produces and exports disposable clothing for the food industry and more. We are a producer of foil aprons, foil sleeves, pouches and polyurethane aprons. We distribute the remaining products, supplying ourselves with quality-tested suppliers.
For various industries, it is a big challenge to protect the employee against the effects of the working environment and to protect the product. To meet these tasks, we manufacture and sell products with food approvals and we make every effort to ensure that the quality of the product meets your expectations. We are open to any suggestions and opinions about our products in order to further improve the offer and quality of our products.
Jerzy Nawrocki
The Owner


Fartus – meaning of company name…

Does the word „fartus” sound inappropriate to you? For us, it is a nice name for our company:) Why? Because in Polish, Fartus comes from the word „fartuch”. And fartuch in Polish means apron in English.

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